Wrong Island UNLTD

Music programming


This programming was put together keeping in mind the multitudes of London hotel and members' club openings, as well as existing competition. The musical entertainment has been tailored to Soho House's reputation creating the perfect locations for entertaining or escape; intuitively welcoming settings; curated events that are progressive, cultural and linked to local talent.

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Ground Floor 

The scale of this cinematic room and its multi-purpose nature means that performers need to be captivating without being intrusive. Attention to details like lighting & projections, and flexible stage dressing will be vital


  • Afternoons with laid-back jazz, soloists etc. Entertaining but not distracting - encouraging guests to stay on for dinner.
  • Early evenings with more upbeat live acts and DJ sets spanning soul, funk, reggae, etc
  • 9pm onwards takes the energy to the next level to persuade those who have finished dining that they don't need to look beyond our four walls for after-dinner drinks
  • Thurs-Sat after midnight the entertainment continues to be upbeat and full of verve
  • Please download an example calendar here

Special events

  • Surprise performance by established artists, eg; Solange, Nao, FKA Twiggs, Hot 8 Brass 
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The Vault

The most unique and visually arresting space in the hotel should be kept completely secret, or at most hinted at to  add to the allure and feeling of exclusivity (think Annabel's). Vinyl-only DJ sets emphasise the connoisseur atmosphere of the bar.


Special events:

  • Boiler Room live broadcasts
  • Sets from DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Rhythm Section label & Jon K, Live R&B jam sessions



Brand tie-in

Collaboration with local and international brands making promotion and programming of regular events feel special and properly curated. From radio station broadcasts, to immersive theatre companies like Secret Cinema, fashion shows, and high-concept album launches this will bring unexpected fun to the hotel setting it miles apart from nearby competitors. 

Potential partners:
Boiler Room           NTS Radio
Secret Cinema       Open Ear
Clash Magazine     Wonderland
Show Studio          Oki-mi
Red Bull Music Academy
Resident Advisor    Barbican
Fabric                    Net-a-Porter

Music playlisting in association with Open Ear will provide music content, equipment and software to create a coherent identity across all public areas.

  • Please download their detailed proposal here