Wrong Island UNLTD

Special Events


A series of seasonal and unique spectacles for select audiences making the hotel a destination, a place to talk about, and membership even more valuable


Rooftop parties

Terrace & pool parties on Bank Holidays and other notable dates will attract members & their guests to make the most of the views, and sunshine in summer:

  • Art's House Pool party
  • Numbers Summer rooftop party
  • XOYO Loves 
  • A Party With Us
  • Boiler Room broadcasts



Vault parties

 The Vault is the most premium space in the hotel, so events should feel exclusive, yet still place a premium on entertainment:

  • Album launches with exclusive performances
  • Charity events where members bid for contents of safety deposit boxes
  • Bank holiday VIP parties following roof & pool events to keep the members in the building


Interactive events

Events across the hotel which engage the guests and members' brains, and exhibits the hotel puts as much effort and thought into programming as it does service:

  • Immersive Secret Cinema-style events in private rooms. eg; 'The Shining' for Halloween, Grand Budapest Hotel in Summer
  • Auctions for 'lucky dip' prizes in Safety Deposit boxes
  • Album launches/playback parties
  • R&B/Soul Jam sessions
  • Art exhibition launches