Wrong Island UNLTD

Curation & Experience

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I bring nearly 17 years experience working on events as wide-ranging as a rave in an abandoned police station in Glasgow to the Women's Atelier Collection for Versace in Paris. These experiences have gifted me with a network of friends & contacts across the globe in talent agencies, PR groups, media companies, DJs, bands, and record labels, all of which I would use to effect the entertainment programme at The Ned. 

For four years I worked from opening as music programmer for South Place Hotel near Moorgate developing a coherent music identity. This time also provided excellent insight into the people who work, meet, and play in The City, which events work easily, as well as those which require a little enthusiastic input to be successful. In addition to programming & event management, I also learned how to maintain & do basic repairs on all of the audio equipment.

I have already contacted friends at management companies, Open Ear, Secret Cinema & Boiler Room to discuss ideas and dates which may work, and feel confident of delivering events from soft launch onwards that will be the envy of competitors in the area.